Trade Profile: Japan Adapts to Its Aging Population

MIN READJun 6, 2017 | 01:36 GMT

In this installment of Stratfor's Trade Profiles series, we examine the Japanese economy.

(STEVEN DIAZ/Unsplash)

Global trade is changing. The kinds of multilateral agreements that characterized the postwar years have stalled out over the past two decades, prompting countries and economic blocs to try to negotiate smaller deals with fewer partners. Nations and blocs have more leeway under this new model to negotiate the trade agreements that best suit their interests and to avoid those that don't. Now, more than ever, the future of international trade depends on a country or bloc's defensive interests, offensive interests and underlying factors of production. Our fortnightly Trade Profiles aim to break down these factors to facilitate an understanding of where global trade stands today and where it's headed. In the second installment, we focus on Japan....

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