Trump May Push, but Pakistan Won't Budge

Jan 5, 2018 | 23:11 GMT

A map shows Afghanistan, Pakistan and the surrounding region.

This map shows the borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the surrounding countries. Despite the best efforts of the United States, some of the limitations by those borders have kept the war in Afghanistan going for years. 


The new year has brought renewed troubles for the already faltering relationship between the United States and Pakistan. On New Year's Day, U.S. President Donald Trump issued a tweet accusing Pakistan of "lies & deceit" despite receiving $33 billion in U.S. aid for its cooperation in the war in Afghanistan. The next day, the White House announced it would continue to withhold the $255 million worth of aid that had been earmarked for Pakistan in 2016, citing insufficient action against anti-NATO militants. And on Jan. 4, the White House announced it would suspend $900 million in security assistance promised in 2017 and that Pakistan would be placed on a list of countries violating religious freedom....

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