U.K.: All Bets Are Off as Parliament Rejects May's Brexit Deal Again

Mar 29, 2019 | 19:59 GMT


As the United Kingdom's day of European reckoning draws inexorably closer, the country is still no nearer to approving a Brexit deal to avoid a disorderly exit from the European Union. On March 29, the House of Commons rejected the withdrawal agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom by a margin of 58 votes. This is the third time that British lawmakers have rejected the deal, after striking it down by a whopping 230 votes in January and 149 votes earlier this month. Divided among themselves, members of Parliament have repeatedly disagreed on just about everything about Brexit, but the government is now running out of time to implement the only choice that most lawmakers agree on -- a deal that prevents a disorderly departure from the European Union....

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