United Kingdom: Copycat London Bombings?

1 MIN READJul 21, 2005 | 18:00 GMT
London Underground stations Warren Street, Shepherd's Bush and Oval were evacuated July 21 following a blast at the Warren Street Station. This appears to be the work of copycats.
Three London Underground stations — Warren Street, Shepherd's Bush and Oval — have been evacuated following a blast, reportedly caused by a nail bomb, at the Warren Street station July 21, exactly two weeks to the day after the July 7 Underground bombings. In addition, there are early unconfirmed reports of an incident on a bus near Hackney Road. Compared to the July 7 attack, this appears copycat and amateurish. Like July 7, there were three incidents on the Underground and one on a bus. Unlike July 7, there are no reports of casualties, no streams of injured flowing out of the stations. Even the explosions in Warren Street do not appear to be substantial. The incidents come amid a heightened security level on the Underground, demonstrating the difficulty of thoroughly protecting mass transit.

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