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The Unseen Casualty of the Syrian Civil War

Charles Glass
Board of Contributors
Feb 14, 2018 | 08:00 GMT
Nearly seven years of war have transformed Homs in body and soul.

A mosque is pictured through shattered glass in the old city of Homs during May 2014. Most rebel fighters withdrew from the battleground city.


To see the consequences of war, come to Homs. Known to the Romans as Emesa, Syria's third-largest city is only a 100-mile drive north of Damascus on the highway to Aleppo. A multitude of sects once shared the city, which spreads outward from its stone-built historic center into modern, high-rise suburbs. If you threw a shoe out the window, Homs' inhabitants used to say, it was bound to hit a doctor or an engineer. Now most of the doctors and engineers, like the buildings in which they dwelled, have vanished....

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