Untangling the Web of Russia's Cyber Operations

MIN READApr 28, 2017 | 09:37 GMT

In a letter published April 12 in Russian media, a former cybersecurity expert described how the Kremlin recruited hackers to help with its cyber campaigns abroad in exchange for criminal immunity.


Russia's interest in foreign elections didn't end with the U.S. presidential vote. Two days after the first round in the French presidential election April 23, a cybersecurity firm based in Japan reported that Russian hackers had targeted Emmanuel Macron's campaign in the runup to the vote. Macron, one of two candidates who advanced to the runoff, slated for May 7, had accused the Kremlin of discrediting his campaign, and his staff complained of constant, sophisticated phishing attempts throughout the race. Phishing, though not the most advanced technique, has proved highly effective for conducting criminal activity and espionage; the Kremlin allegedly used the same tactic to interfere in the U.S. presidential election. Recent developments have shed light on the apparent ties between Russia's state security apparatus and the world's most sophisticated cybercriminals....

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