U.S.: Hints Of New Secondary Sanctions Over North Korea

MIN READJul 14, 2017 | 19:44 GMT


The United States is considering a new set of secondary sanctions targeting Chinese financial institutions and other entities with alleged roles in supporting North Korea’s weapons programs according to anonymous U.S. administration officials. The measures would not target large banks, but go after much more marginal players included on a list U.S. President Donald Trump shared with Chinese President Xi Jinping during his official visit in April (as an effort by the United States to pressure China to act on North Korea's weapon's program). Also, the two sides agreed to the 100-day trade action plan to address the massive trade deficit. This action plan ends July 16, followed by the first U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue on July 19, after which the U.S. administration is likely to decide the precise nature of the sanctions and their timing. The Chinese foreign ministry condemned the prospect of further U.S. secondary sanctions, citing Beijing’s...

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