A U.S.-Ukraine Weapons Deal Has Russia Up in Arms

MIN READJan 10, 2018 | 22:37 GMT

Ukrainian gunners take part in a military drill on the shooting range not far from the small city of Divychky, some 80 km from Kiev on October 26, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / SERGEI SUPINSKY (Photo credit should read SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images)


Since the war in Ukraine began in 2014, the United States has considered sending arms to the country. Now Washington is ready to follow through with the idea. U.S. President Donald Trump approved the sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine on Dec. 22, signing a $47 million deal that includes 35 FGM-148 Javelin command launch units and 210 anti-tank missiles, along with smaller arms. Wary of provoking Russia, the United States has been careful to frame the recent decision as a purely defensive measure, and not a means to encourage military action against separatist forces in eastern Ukraine. But Moscow, viewing the move as an act of escalation, doubtless will respond in one way or another....

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