The U.S. Unleashes Its Cyberweapons

Jul 5, 2019 | 10:00 GMT

An executive order by U.S. President Donald Trump has shifted the focus of the Pentagon's cyberwar doctrine from defense to offense.

Cyberwar tactics used by the United States will likely shift to a more offensive posture under a directive signed by President Donald Trump.



  • The United States has made a strategic shift toward a more aggressive stance of conducting offensive cyberattacks to achieve strategic and tactical objectives.
  • The change has been years in the making, shaped by the unique architecture of cyberspace and on continued cyberattacks that have necessitated a shift in strategy by several Western powers toward incorporating offensive capabilities. 
  • With the United States increasingly viewing the world through the lens of competition with China and Russia, the shift in strategy to incorporate the increasing use of offensive cyberoperations is likely to be permanent.

In announcing a cyberattack in retaliation for Iran's kinetic attack on a U.S. drone, the United States has announced to the rest of the world that it will make full use of its cyberspace capabilities and will carry out offensive operations if need be. So with a click of the mouse, the United States has shown that it is now willing to take the gloves off in cyberspace....

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