The U.S.'s Eurasia Obsession, Part 2: The China Challenge

MIN READSep 2, 2020 | 10:00 GMT

A satellite image of the United States at night.

A satellite image of the United States at night. 

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The United States is in the midst of a strategic refocus from counterterrorism and rogue nation control, to so-called great power competition. While Russia, the Cold War counterpart, remains a concern, China has emerged as the primary near-peer threat. This is reawakening a key element that has long shaped U.S. foreign policy and strategic assessment -- the major power of the Eurasian continent. But U.S. culture is split over the best way to deal with a Eurasian competitor, and domestic political and economic divisions will make it difficult for the United States to maintain a consistent strategy. ...

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