Viewing Turkmenistan's Recent Car Ban in Black and White

MIN READJan 3, 2018 | 17:37 GMT

Starting Jan. 1, Turkmenistan no longer permits the driving of black cars. President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has given no official reason, but unnamed Turkmen officials have attributed the decision to Berdymukhamedov's "personal preference" for the color white.


As people around the world celebrate the new year and embark on their respective resolutions, the president of Turkmenistan has issued a curious resolution for his own country. Starting Jan. 1, the country no longer permits the driving of black cars, according to a report by the opposition-run publication Chronicles of Turkmenistan. The report also claimed that authorities have confiscated dark vehicles over the past two months, returning them to their owners with instructions to paint them white or another light color....

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