What 12 More Years of Putin Means for Russia

MIN READMar 31, 2020 | 14:53 GMT

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Yerevan, Armenia, to participate in a session of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council on Oct. 1, 2019.

(Gevorg Ghazaryan/Shutterstock)

The Kremlin’s efforts to extend President Vladimir Putin’s 20-year presidency will enable Moscow to sustain the policies that have seen Russia reclaim its great power status, while postponing the political and socio-economic instability that could result from transitioning to a new leader. Prolonging Putin’s tenure, however, will introduce greater long-term political challenges as he ages and risks a potential health emergency while in office. But even without such a crisis, postponing a succession until 2036 will still set Russia’s political elite up for having to deal with a transition of power at a time when popular pressures will be mounting over severe economic hardships....

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