What a Cease-Fire in Tripoli Could Mean for Libya

Jan 13, 2020 | 22:14 GMT

Despite scattered reports of violations, a cease-fire in Tripoli brokered by Turkey and Russia between the U.N.-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) and the Libyan National Army (LNA) that took effect Jan. 12 appears to be holding. GNA leader Fayez al-Sarraj and Khalid al-Mishri, head of Libya's State Council, a governmental body that supports the GNA, traveled to Moscow and quickly signed the deal. Meanwhile, LNA Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter and Aguila Saleh, head of Libya's House of Representatives, a rival government to the GNA, were considering signing off on the deal on Jan. 14. If the truce becomes official and is respected by all sides in the conflict, it would mark the first significant pause in hostilities that began when the LNA began its offensive to capture Tripoli in April 2019....

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