What Does 'Security' Mean in 2023?

MIN READJan 30, 2023 | 19:01 GMT

A man monitors computer screens. 

A man monitors computer screens. 


''What security issues should we be aware of?'' This well-intentioned client inquiry regarding operations in a foreign country recently gave me pause as I struggled to understand exactly what the client wanted. Was the client looking for an on-the-ground review of major violent risks, like crime and terrorism? If so, did that mean the client was not interested in the more strategic geopolitical risk of interstate war? What about environmental and health concerns -- did the client care about infectious diseases, natural disasters and other threats? Or could it be that the client really cared about cybersecurity in terms of protecting IP and other sensitive data? Of course, we could answer all of those questions, but running through that checklist in my head made me realize a more foundational question: what exactly does ''security'' mean today? As analysts, we must always consider situations from various points of view and, especially when...

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