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Why China and the U.S. Need Each Other in Space

Matthew Bey
Senior Global Analyst, Stratfor
Nov 1, 2016 | 08:20 GMT
Why China and the U.S. Need Each Other in Space
China's Long March-2F rocket, carrying the Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft, blasts off in Jiuquan on Oct. 17. For decades, the United States has watched China's burgeoning space program with apprehension.
(STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Space is no longer a theater reserved for the world's militaries, and as the skies become more crowded, the costs of an accidental confrontation are rising. At a time when many civil space programs are struggling to stretch their shrinking budgets to cover growing expenses, most countries can no longer afford to pursue their lofty ambitions in space on their own....

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