Why Iraq Could Be the Next Regional Powder Keg

MIN READAug 23, 2019 | 09:00 GMT

Fighters of a Shiite militia are seen in a training camp south of Mosul in this undated photo. Israel appears to be on the verge of expanding its anti-Iran fight into Iraq.

(SEBASTIAN BACKHAUS/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

There's plenty of speculation as to who was behind four explosions at Iran-linked sites in Iraq, but no definitive proof. Authorities have yet to conclude that the explosions were all even intentional, but the evidence suggests that either sabotage or airstrikes were involved -- and if so, Israel stands at the top of the list of potential culprits. That is leading to suspicions that Israel might be on the verge of expanding its anti-Iran campaign from Syria to Iraq as part of its regional strategy to check the threat of the Islamic republic. But if Israel is considering bringing the fight closer to Iran by expanding its campaign into Iraq, it could find the country far more combustible than even Syria -- a quality that would have grave implications for its stalwart American ally and regional peace as a whole....

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