Why Venezuela's President Is Forming His Own Militia

Apr 3, 2017 | 12:14 GMT
Wary of threats to his party's survival, Maduro is quietly preparing to arm a group of government supporters.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is transforming a pro-government group into a militia that he can directly control in the event of a national crisis.


Over two years into a deep economic crisis that shows no sign of abating, the Venezuelan government is preparing to save itself -- and the ideology it stands for -- by any means necessary. After all, "socialism of the 21st century," as former President Hugo Chavez dubbed Venezuela's particular brand of political philosophy, can only survive if the parties that advocate it do too. And with its approval ratings plummeting alongside the economy, the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) cannot afford to gamble with its future ahead of approaching regional and presidential elections....

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