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The World That Awaits the Next German Leader

Adriano Bosoni
Senior Europe Analyst, Stratfor
Mark Fleming-Williams
Senior Analyst, Global Economy
Sep 26, 2017 | 08:00 GMT
The next German leader will have to contend with challenges that stem from its imperatives and the constraints imposed by outside

The world is changing, and Germany's next leaders must develop strategies for dealing with tectonic shifts in the geopolitical fabric.


Now that the 2017 German elections have wrapped up, the process of forming a government and determining exactly who will lead the country is underway. Negotiations to determine the members of the governing coalition could take weeks or even months, but to some extent, it doesn't matter who is named chancellor in the end. The challenges that the next leader of Europe's largest economy must tackle will broadly be the same, whether Angela Merkel returns to the chancellery or not. The country's next government will have to satisfy the same set of national imperatives while dealing with the same outside pressures that shape its options in setting a national strategy. To understand the strategy, it's first necessary to explore these imperatives and surroundings....

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