Yemen: Former President's Death Ushers in a Volatile New Phase of the Conflict

Dec 4, 2017 | 16:45 GMT


With the death of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a major chapter in the history of Yemen -- and the Yemeni civil war -- has come to a close. On Dec. 4, two days after Saleh announced that his people were "revolting against Houthi aggression" and that he was willing to leave the rebel alliance in favor of the Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) coalition, Houthi forces killed the former president, likely as he was en route to his home village in Sanhan. Saleh's Dec. 2 announcement had further intensified the fighting between Saleh's supporters and those loyal to rebel leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi in Yemen's capital city of Sanaa. And while loyalist forces had initially taken over several key pieces of infrastructure in Sanaa, over the weekend, Houthi forces were able to reclaim significant territory after launching a strong counter-offensive....

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