Adriano Bosoni

Feb 27, 2023 | 15:50 GMT

Adriano Bosoni is Director of Analysis at RANE. His expertise is in European politics, economics and society, EU institutions and policies, risk analysis, demographics, migratory movements, and populism. He has more than a decade of experience forecasting geopolitical events on the Continent and has also worked on Latin American and Eurasian geopolitical forecasting.  

Mr. Bosoni holds a journalism degree from USAL (Argentina), a master's degree in International Relations from the University of Bologna (Italy), and has completed postgraduate courses on globalization (London School of Economics) and business analytics (Wharton, United States). He is also a former Fulbright scholar (University of Massachusetts Amherst).

Mr. Bosoni is frequently featured in and cited by numerous newspapers and broadcasts from around the world. He has lived and worked in several countries in Europe and the Americas and is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. You can follow him on Twitter at @AdrianoBosoni

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