Eduardo Salcedo-Albaran

Eduardo Salcedo-Albaran

Eduardo Salcedo-Albaran is the director of Scientific Vortex Foundation Inc., a transnational research group and nonprofit that develops concepts, methodologies and inputs for public policy under integrative science principles. Mr. Salcedo-Alabaran applies his vast knowledge of artificial intelligence, neuroscience and social network analysis toward his research in his area of expertise in transnational organized crime. During the past decade, his research has varied from the structure and impact of various forms of global crime to trafficking and corruption.

Mr. Salcedo-Alabaran has taught in the areas of evolution and genetics for social scientists and philosophers, artificial intelligence for social scientists and introduction to scientific thought for psychologists. His current research examines how illegal social networks use these modernizing dynamics and he is currently developing transdisciplinary research on transnational criminal networks in Colombia, Peru, Guatemala and Mexico. Mr. Salcedo-Alabaran obtained his M.S. in political science from the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia.

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