Jasmine Opperman

Jasmine Opperman

Jasmine Opperman is director Africa at the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium and an analyst at the Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism. Her proficiency in methodological risk analysis and the management of intelligence processes -- operations, counterintelligence, covert activities and analysis -- comes from 19 years employment in formal intelligence structures, when she served as provincial head for South Africa's Eastern Cape province. Since leaving the intelligence community, Jasmine has been engaged in several projects related to business risk and process analysis to help transform risks into business opportunities. Her interests are primarily related to Africa's political and economic trends and developments and their impact on various business sectors.
She holds a master's degree in history from the University of Johannesburg, and has published numerous articles for local media and been interviewed by all major TV networks in South Africa and Nigeria. She is also currently the only person directly engaged in de-radicalization programs in South Africa, during which she has successfully intervened in five of seven such programs.

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