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China: Beijing Bans Cathay Pacific Crew Members Participating in Protests From Mainland Routes

1 MIN READAug 9, 2019 | 15:51 GMT

What Happened: Staff from Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific who participated in recent protests will no longer be able to serve on flights to mainland China starting Aug. 10, Beijing has ordered, the South China Morning Post reported Aug. 9. The airline will also be required to submit identification details of all crew members on its routes to mainland China.

Why It Matters: The Chinese measures against specific Cathay Pacific staff could eventually become an outright ban against the airline as it leaves considerable room for interpretation that could allow Beijing to extend the scope of the prohibition. China has recently stepped up its punitive economic measures against entities and individuals it views as unaligned with its interests through actions such as a travel ban to Taiwan.

Background: Protests in Hong Kong began in June as a movement to oppose a bill to allow extraditions of locals to mainland China, but unrest has gradually escalated to the extent that clashes between protesters and police occur frequently.

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