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Jan 3, 2017 | 10:59 GMT

1 min read

China: Carrier Conducted Drills In South China Sea, Navy Confirms

China’s aircraft carrier conducted drills in the South China Sea on Jan. 2, the Chinese navy announced Jan. 3, Reuters reported. The carrier's fleet of J-15 fighter jets conducted flight exercises, and the carrier group also ran helicopter exercises. The exact location of the drills was not provided. The exercises took place just days after the carrier group passed 90 nautical miles south of Taiwan, a move Beijing said was routine and in compliance with international law. China's growing military presence in the disputed South China Sea has fuelled concerns. The Western Pacific exercise also comes amid new tension over Taiwan, following U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's telephone call with the island's president that upset Beijing. China's air force conducted long-range drills this month above the East and South China seas that rattled Japan and Taiwan as well. China's Liaoning aircraft carrier has participated in previous military exercises. In December 2015, the Defense Ministry confirmed China was building a second aircraft carrier, but its launch date is unclear.

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