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China: Debate on Hong Kong's Extradition Bill Is Postponed Again

2 MINS READJun 13, 2019 | 16:41 GMT

What Happened: The president of Hong Kong's Legislative Council on June 13 further postponed debate on a controversial extradition bill, with no new date set for its resumption, the South China Morning Post reported. Tens of thousands of protesters blocked access to the council building on June 12, and 80 people were reported injured in clashes between protesters and police.

Why It Matters: Hong Kong's Legislative Council is scheduled to vote on the extradition bill on June 20 so debate could be scheduled any time before then. However, it's likely the vote will be delayed given the narrow window and the risk of escalating protests. Any change to the voting date would depend on protest momentum, business concerns and China's position on the bill. Additional amendments to the extradition bill are also likely, but protesters say it undermines Hong Kong's autonomy, and changes to the bill aren't likely to appease them.

Background: Mass protests erupted on June 9 when the Hong Kong government moved to expedite passage of the extradition bill. The proposed legislation would allow Hong Kong to transfer suspects to mainland China for trial.

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