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Apr 3, 2019 | 16:19 GMT

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China, India: Beijing Reportedly Steps up Construction Near Doklam Plateau

What Happened: China has reportedly been increasing construction activity just 2 kilometers (roughly 1.2 miles) from Bhutan's disputed Doklam Plateau, according to satellite imagery, The Print reported April 2.

Why It Matters: The region around the Doklam Plateau, which is part of a broader border dispute among India, China and Bhutan, could again become a flashpoint between New Delhi and Beijing. Additional Chinese construction activity in the region, including its moves to extend roads in the Chumbi Valley, could increase the risk of an Indian response.

Background: India and China engaged in a 73-day standoff on the Doklam Plateau during the summer of 2017, when Indian troops intervened to halt the construction of a Chinese road extension that New Delhi believed would have enhanced Beijing's military position in the region.

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