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China: U.S. Looks to Block Undersea Cable Over National Security Concerns

1 MIN READAug 28, 2019 | 19:38 GMT

What Happened: The United States is attempting to block a 12,800-kilometer (roughly 8,000 miles) undersea cable connecting Hong Kong to Los Angeles due to national security concerns stemming from the involvement of a Chinese investor, The Wall Street Journal reported Aug. 28.

Why It Matters: If the United States is successful in its push, it would mark the first time that Washington has invoked national security grounds in blocking the completion of an undersea cable — something that could indicate a sizable shift in U.S. regulatory policies.

Background: The United States has been stepping up its global efforts to counter Chinese technology companies over national security concerns, including telecommunications giant Huawei. However, as demand for data connections between Asia and North America grows, the United States will have to approve other similar projects that could include some level of Chinese participation.

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