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Egypt: Plane Crash Not Caused By Missile, U.S. Officials Say

1 MIN READNov 3, 2015 | 06:03 GMT

A heat flash detected by infrared satellites at the time of Metrojet Flight 9268 exploded over Sinai on Oct. 31 indicates that the incident was not caused by a missile, senior U.S. defense and intelligence officials said Nov. 2, NBC, DPA and Tass reported. The heat signature shows an explosion of some kind at a high altitude — possibly a bomb smuggled into the cargo hold with a barometric trigger or an engine explosion — but no heat trail from a surface-to-air missile aimed at the plane, as claimed was launched by Egyptian militants affiliated with the Islamic State. Although militants in the area have managed to use a man-portable air defense system to shoot down an Egyptian helicopter and have fired missiles at Israeli aircraft, Flight 9268 would have been well out of range of these weapons

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