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Jul 8, 2019 | 17:00 GMT

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Hong Kong: Protesters Clash With Police as Demonstrators Seemingly Shift Strategy

What Happened: Protesters clashed with police forces in Hong Kong on July 7 after demonstrators rallied against the controversial extradition bill that already led to previous rounds of protests in the past weeks, the South China Morning Post reported. Meanwhile, anti-government activists have called for withdrawals of funds from the Bank of China to "stress test" the institution.

Why It Matters: The strategy by protesters appears to be shifting toward targeting Chinese assets, such as financial institutions and transportation linking the mainland, although Chinese banks have already introduced some safeguard measures, such as capping maximum withdrawal amounts.

Background: Protests against the controversial and now-shelved extradition bill have been ongoing for multiple weeks and culminated in the siege of the legislative council on July 1.

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