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May 24, 2019 | 13:42 GMT

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Iran, U.S.: Trump Doesn’t Think Recent Threats Warrant More Troops in the Middle East

Editor's Note: Shortly after this Situation Report was published, The Washington Post reported that the United States would deploy additional military forces to the region, specifically Patriot missile batteries and reconnaissance aircraft. It is important to note that defensive and intelligence-gathering systems portray a different intent than an uplift in combat assets. Any additional deployment will increase the number of U.S. service personnel in the region, though Washington appears to be walking a fine line between not appearing weak and further antagonizing Tehran with threats of force. 

What Happened: U.S. President Donald Trump said he doesn't think the United States needs to deploy more troops to the Middle East to deter Iran, The Wall Street Journal reported May 24. The statement follows a review by the U.S. Defense Department and the Trump administration over whether recent threats from Tehran warranted sending additional U.S. forces to the region. 

Trump's comments also come amid reports that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Iraqi officials during a recent visit that if Iran targeted U.S. installations or personnel inside Iraq, Washington would retaliate with strikes. 

Why It Matters: Trump's remarks suggest that he is seeking to avoid an escalation of regional security tensions with Iran. But Pompeo's comments indicate that Washington may consider a surgical strike if Iranian-backed militias directly attack U.S. forces or installations. Other countries, such as Oman, have already announced that they are seeking to help defuse some tensions between Iran and the United States.

Background: Trump has previously expressed a desire to decrease Washington's overall footprint in the Middle East, such as withdrawing troops from Syria and ending the war in Afghanistan. However, recent U.S. force deployments and rhetoric between Washington and Tehran suggest that the security situation in the region remains volatile.

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