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Israel: Attorney General to Issue Indictment Against Netanyahu on Graft-Related Charges

1 MIN READFeb 28, 2019 | 16:28 GMT

What Happened: Israel's attorney general has announced his intention to issue an indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on multiple graft-related charges, Haaretz reported Feb. 28.

Why It Matters: The indictment could severely damage Netanyahu and his Likud Party as the country braces for national elections on April 9. A different Israeli government would likely have a stronger mandate to use military means for national security purposes as Netanyahu has been seeking to avoid military operations due to his fragile political position.

Background: Benny Gantz, a former head of the Israel Defense Forces, has been capitalizing on Israelis' growing discontent with Netanyahu by building a nationalist coalition on the center-left. If elected, Gantz would have significant political support to crack down on Hamas in the Gaza Strip and to use Israel's military more assertively against Iran and other threats.

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