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Israel: Netanyahu Reportedly Looks to Weaken High Court's Power in Striking Down Knesset Decisions

1 MIN READMay 22, 2019 | 14:56 GMT

What Happened: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will reportedly prioritize measures to reduce the power of the country's High Court in striking down Knesset decisions as he attempts to pass an immunity bill to shield him from prosecution over corruption allegations, Haaretz reported May 21.

Why It Matters: Netanyahu is facing a potential corruption indictment in October, and his party is exploring ways to prevent the charges from derailing his premiership ahead of time. Allowing the Knesset to more frequently disregard rulings by the High Court would be a substantial change to the balance of power within Israel's political system, and would increase the power of the executive branch.

Background: The High Court currently serves as a significant counterweight to the Israeli government, which has become increasingly dominated by nationalist and right-wing elements in recent years. 

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