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Japan: Tokyo Looks to Increase Investments in Africa

1 MIN READAug 28, 2019 | 20:05 GMT

What Happened: Japan will increase its private-sector investments in Africa to more than $20 billion over the next three years, according to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Kyodo News reported Aug. 28.

Why It Matters: Japan is looking to match Chinese efforts to gain a strong foothold in Africa through large-scale investments and take advantage of the continent's growing manufacturing sector. Tokyo is attempting to distinguish its approach from Beijing's strategy by emphasizing private partnerships over so-called Chinese "debt traps."

Background: Japan's investments in Africa have remained flat since 2014 despite growing overall Japanese investment abroad. Meanwhile, China has been significantly increasing its footprint on the continent, pledging $60 billion in investments in September 2018.

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