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Feb 13, 2019 | 18:10 GMT

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Lebanon: U.S. Delivers $16 Million Worth of Laser-Guided Rockets to Lebanese Military

What Happened: The United States has delivered $16 million worth of laser-guided rockets to the Lebanese military, Reuters reported Feb. 13.

Why It Matters: The scheduled delivery comes amid increasing Iranian pressure on Lebanon to accept military aid from Tehran against Israel. U.S. assistance is essential to the Lebanese armed forces, although it does little to deter Israel from routine airspace violations as Israel conducts operations against Iran in Syria.

Background: The United States is the biggest supplier of the Lebanese military and has provided roughly $2.3 billion in aid since 2005. However, both Hezbollah and Iran have been using the group's increased influence in Lebanon's new government to push for closer relations between Beirut and Tehran. Iran is particularly interested in providing air defense systems to Lebanon to deter Israeli aircraft.

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