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Mexico, U.S.: Top Officials Discuss Progress on Migrant Flow Agreement

2 MINS READJul 22, 2019 | 16:53 GMT

What Happened: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has met with Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard to discuss efforts to curb migrant flows across Central America, AFP reported July 22. According to the Mexican Foreign Ministry, the country made significant progress on the issue and there was no need to consider a potential "safe third country" agreement between Washington and Mexico City. Pompeo said he will speak to U.S. President Donald Trump to decide on how to proceed.

Why It Matters: The statements suggest that the United States will refrain from pushing for the safe third country deal at this point, although Trump has not yet decided whether to maintain or increase pressure against Mexico City.

Background: The United States threatened to enact import tariffs of up to 25 percent against all Mexican goods in late May unless illegal immigration across the U.S.-Mexican border slowed, forcing the country to quickly enter negotiations to reach an agreement. Both countries arrived at a deal on June 7 that gave Mexico 45 days to implement stricter measures to reduce migrant flows.

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