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Jun 11, 2019 | 17:15 GMT

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Moldova: President Reverses Premier's Decree Dissolving Parliament, Deepening the Political Crisis

What Happened: Moldovan President Igor Dodon has reversed a June 10 decree made by acting Prime Minister Pavel Filip to dissolve parliament and declare early elections, saying Filip's order was itself not constitutional despite being authorized by the country's constitutional court, Politico reported June 11. In response, supporters of the Filip's Democratic Party announced plans to continuously protest outside government buildings for the rest of the month.

Why It Matters: The dueling orders are deepening the political crisis in Moldova, where essentially two separate governments are now working against each other. On one side are the country's Socialist and ACUM blocs, which earlier had agreed to form a coalition government, and on the other are the Democrats, which protested the coalition agreement, saying it missed a constitutional deadline. The extent and level of violence of the ensuing protests — along with the reaction by external powers, especially Russia and the European Union — will be important to monitor going forward.

Background: After months of coalition talks following February elections, an agreement was finally forged between the top two finishing parties, the pro-Russian Socialists and the pro-EU ACUM. However, the Democratic Party refused to accept the deal. 

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