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Mar 22, 2019 | 18:01 GMT

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Mozambique: IED Attack in Cabo Delgado Province Reportedly Kills Multiple Soldiers

What Happened: An improvised explosive device detonated in Mozambique's Cabo Delgado province March 20, killing several soldiers, according to an unconfirmed report by Pinnacle News. Although details remain scant, the militant group Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Hamo, known locally as al Shabaab, are the likely culprits behind an attack in the province.

Why It Matters: Although the group has carried out raids in Cabo Delgado before, it had never used explosives in previous attacks, possibly indicating an expansion of the group's capabilities that could pose a threat to civilians, businesses and oil production in the region.

Background: Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Hamo is posing a steadily growing threat to Mozambique's energy production in the northern Cabo Delgado province and could undermine long-term investment in the oil-rich region. The group, which has previously conducted ambushes on convoys and raids on villages, carried out its first armed assault on energy company Anadarko in late February.

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