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Mozambique: Voting Underway in Presidential Election

1 MIN READOct 15, 2019 | 17:05 GMT

What Happened: Voting is underway in Mozambique's presidential election, but Ossufo Momade, the candidate of the Mozambique National Resistance Movement, better known as Renamo, has already said his party will not accept any potentially "rigged" results, Bloomberg reported Oct. 14.

Why It Matters: Momade's threat could set the stage for potential outbreaks of violence if accusations of electoral irregularities or vote manipulation emerge. The election will also provide a litmus test for the recently signed peace deal between Renamo and the Mozambican government, which stipulates the integration of the longtime militant group into the government and broader society.

Background: Mozambique's political system remains unstable and fragmented along multiple political and social fault lines. However, massive energy reserves off the country's north coast are expected to provide a windfall for Mozambique in the coming years.

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