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Sep 13, 2018 | 15:07 GMT

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Peru: Protesters Demand President Close Congress, Hold Referendum

What Happened: Thousands of demonstrators marched in Lima to demand that the attorney general resign and that congress close so a constitutional assembly can be held, La Republica reported Sept. 13.

Why It Matters: A constitutional assembly would open the door to governmental changes that could have long-term effects. Proposals to limit members to a single term or split congress into a bicameral legislature would dramatically alter the country's legislative process, as well as diminish the conservative opposition's power.

Background: Peru's protesters are marching in support of the president against congress and the judiciary, where the attorney general is facing accusations of corruption. Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra requested in 2018 a referendum to limit congress members to two terms, split congress into two houses and criminalize undeclared contributions to political campaigns.

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