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May 28, 2019 | 19:32 GMT

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Qatar, Saudi Arabia: Doha Says It Received Invitation to Saudi-Hosted Meeting on Iran

What Happened: The Qatari Foreign Ministry confirmed May 27 that the government did, in fact, receive an invitation to a Saudi-hosted meeting on May 30 to discuss the ongoing security situation with Iran. Additionally, a Qatar Airways jet has landed at King Abdulaziz International Airport in the Saudi city of Jeddah for the first time since Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states initiated their blockade against Qatar, the Middle East Monitor reported May 28.

Why It Matters: Saudi Arabia allowing Qatar to attend the summit would highlight Riyadh's concerns over increasing security threats to the Arabian Peninsula in the wake of two recent attacks against the region's energy infrastructure. Although Qatar retains diplomatic and economic ties with Iran, it is also interested in preventing a conflict in the Persian Gulf region.

Background: The U.S. Department of Defense officially blamed the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on May 24 for carrying out an attack against oil tankers off the Emirati coast on May 12. Two days after that incident, Houthi rebels launched a drone attack against Saudi Arabia's East-West pipeline.

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