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Russia: Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Accuses Western Countries of Interfering in Moscow Protests

1 MIN READAug 20, 2019 | 17:42 GMT

What Happened: A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry has condemned ongoing anti-government protests in Moscow, arguing that they stem from Western interference in Russian domestic affairs, Tass reported Aug. 20.

Why It Matters: The comments are the latest sign of Chinese and Russian solidarity regarding respective protest movements in Hong Kong and Moscow, with both countries accusing the West of interfering in each situation. Beijing and Moscow will likely continue to explore areas of cooperation and coordination amid increased U.S. pressure in the context of great power competition.

Background: Chinese state officials have claimed that Hong Kong's protests bear a resemblance to "color revolutions" — a series of U.S.-backed, pro-Western revolutions in former Soviet countries. The Russian government also criticized the U.S. Embassy in Moscow for distributing a map of an authorized rally on Aug. 3.

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