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Aug 3, 2019 | 20:00 GMT

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Russia: Moscow Police Arrest Hundreds During Opposition Rally

What Happened: Police cracked down on an unsanctioned demonstration in Moscow for the second weekend in a row on Aug. 3, detaining at least 600 people protesting the exclusion of some independent and opposition candidates from local and regional elections in September, AP reported.

Why It Matters: A growing number of Russians are dissatisfied with a political environment dominated by the Kremlin-aligned United Russia party, in which dissenting voices are marginalized, ignored or repressed. Like last weekend's rally, this latest protest underlines the determination of some Kremlin critics — especially younger people — to keep pressing to open up Russia's political system.

Background: Police arrested about 1,400 people during a similar protest on July 27, one of the biggest crackdowns in years.

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