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Saudi Arabia: Ambassador to U.S. Recalled, Will Not Return

1 MIN READOct 16, 2018 | 15:55 GMT

What Happened: The Saudi ambassador to the United States, Khalid bin Salman, has traveled back to Saudi Arabia and will not be returning to the United States, The New York Times reported Oct. 15. It is currently unclear whether, or by whom, he will be replaced.  

Why It Matters: Relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia have reached a critical juncture following the disappearance of Saudi critic and journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. As relations could sour, Saudi Arabia appears to be recalculating its diplomatic approach to the United States.

Background: Khalid bin Salman, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's brother, was appointed U.S. ambassador in April 2017.

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