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Feb 7, 2019 | 15:26 GMT

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Spain: Conservative Parties Announce Plans for Anti-Government Demonstration

What Happened: Spain's centrist Ciudadanos and center-right Popular Party have called for a demonstration on Feb. 10 against a plan by the Spanish government to appoint a "facilitator" for talks between Madrid and pro-independence parties in Catalonia, El Pais reported Feb. 7. The far-right Vox party has said it will also join the protest.

Why It Matters: The participation of the Vox party in the protests highlights a growing alignment among Spain's center-right, right-wing and far-right parties. A potential early election could further increase the party's power as it could become the deciding factor in forming a conservative government.

Background: The current minority government only controls 84 of the 350-seat lower chamber in Spain's parliament. The government has been relying on support from the left-wing Podemos party and regional Basque and Catalan parties to pass legislation. Vox became the first far-right party to enter a parliament in Spain since 1982 when it picked up 12 seats in regional elections in Andalusia in December 2018.

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