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Jan 9, 2019 | 12:47 GMT

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Spain: Trade Unions Announce Demonstrations for Feb. 8

What Happened: Spain's main trade unions, the General Union of Workers and Workers' Commissions, announced on Jan. 8 that they will hold a demonstration in Madrid on Feb. 8, La Vanguardia reported. With the rally, the unions hope to force the government to abolish a number of reforms in the country's labor legislation that were introduced during the peak of the eurozone crisis. 

Why It Matters: The Spanish government introduced significant reforms in its labor legislation in 2012 under pressure from the European Union. The trade unions are attempting to reverse many of the reforms by prioritizing sectoral salary agreements and granting unions more oversight on the number of working hours. 

Background: The governing Socialist Party controls just 84 of the 350 seats in the Congress of Deputies. Madrid promised to reverse some of the most controversial parts of the 2012 labor reform and 2013 pension reform in 2018, although unions have become increasingly impatient with the Spanish government and are pressuring it to act.

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