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Sudan: Military Contradicts Earlier Rumors of Withdrawal From al-Hudaydah

1 MIN READJul 25, 2019 | 16:17 GMT

What Happened: A Sudanese military spokesperson has contradicted earlier rumors that Khartoum was withdrawing its forces from the Yemeni port of al-Hudaydah after initial reports suggested that Sudan was emulating a partial Emirati withdrawal, The National reported July 25.

Why It Matters: Rumors surrounding Sudan's role in the Yemeni civil conflict highlights growing pressure on the Saudi-led coalition after the United Arab Emirates announced its partial redeployment earlier this month. Uncertainty over the status of Sudan's troops in Yemen is compounded by the ongoing political crisis in the country after the ouster of longtime President Omar al Bashir.

Background: The Sudanese government has long faced popular opposition to its involvement in Yemen, particularly after suffering high casualties in 2018 that outraged the Sudanese opposition. However, Sudan's Transitional Military Council still requires support from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which could complicate a Sudanese withdrawal from Yemen.

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