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Sudan: Opposition Nominates Prime Minister for Transition Process

1 MIN READAug 16, 2019 | 16:05 GMT

What Happened: Sudan's civilian opposition nominated economist Abdallah Hamdock on Aug. 15 to become the country's prime minister during its transitional process, AFP reported Aug. 16.

Why It Matters: The choice of Hamdock, an economist, as the opposition nominee comes as the country requires technocratic leadership amid ongoing economic malaise. Indeed, Sudan's opposition has shown a willingness to nominate other subject-matter experts to key posts.

Background: The removal of longtime President Omar al Bashir in April has resulted in prolonged uncertainty in Sudan as the military has sought to tighten its control over the country despite opposition protests. The Sudanese military and civilian opposition signed an agreement on Aug. 4 that provides for a transition to elections and civilian rule.

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