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Syria: Airstrikes Target Iranian-Linked Militias Near Iraqi Border

1 MIN READSep 10, 2019 | 18:51 GMT

What Happened: An airstrike against Iranian-linked militias in eastern Syria has destroyed eight warehouses near the Iraqi border, The Times of Israel reported Sept. 9.

Why It Matters: Although no party has thus far claimed responsibility, it remains possible that the attack was launched by the Israel Defense Forces as part of its strategy to contain growing Iranian influence in Syria. Although attacks against Tehran-aligned targets in Syria are less controversial than strikes against Iranian militias in Iraq, similar attacks have the potential to trigger a response by militant groups.

Background: Israel is intent on limiting Iranian attempts to extend its sphere of influence via allied proxy forces across the region and has been carrying out attacks against Iranian-linked targets in Syria for several months. However, Israel recently expanded its strategy and began targeting groups in Iraq and Lebanon.

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