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Aug 22, 2019 | 13:52 GMT

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Syria: Government Warplanes Harass Turkish Outpost in Idlib Province

What Happened: A Turkish military observation post in northern Syria's Idlib province came under fire from Syrian government warplanes, the Anadolu Agency reported Aug. 22. According to the report, the jets directed machine-gun fire near the outpost, although no damage was reported.

Why It Matters: The Syrian government has frequently harassed Turkish observation posts in an effort to pressure Ankara into withdrawing. If attacks against Turkish troops in Idlib continue, Ankara may be forced to decide between striking back more forcefully or pulling out of the areas it has vowed to protect.

Background: Turkey has been trying to hold its ground against advancing government forces in Idlib, manning a series of observation posts in an effort to discourage a Syrian offensive.

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