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Aug 24, 2016 | 15:31 GMT

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Syria: Turkish-Backed Rebels Take Jarabulus

Syrian rebels claim to have taken control of Jarabulus from the Islamic State, shortly after the launch of the Turkish-backed Euphrates Shield operation, according to unconfirmed reports breaking on Twitter on Aug. 24. Rebel units claim to have already reached the center of the city, which lies on the Syrian border across from Karkamis, Turkey. The Turkish military helped launch the operation to take the city from the Islamic State earlier Aug. 24, with Turkish tanks and armored vehicles accompanying rebels. Rebels had support from U.S.-led coalition airstrikes and Turkish artillery. Jarabulus was the last major border town controlled by the Islamic State. In part, Turkey launched the operation to prevent the Syrian Democratic Forces, a militia composed primarily of Syrian Kurds, from pushing too far west after gaining control of several strategic towns in the north.

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